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Saving Your Bottom Line

Oppia sports solutions are designed to help you save money by cutting out the extras. NO paid staff to operate. NO expensive equipment (i.e. HD cameras, external hard drives, server fees). NO need to purchase stats.

  • Installation can be permanent or mobile and is maintenance-free.
  • Refreshed system updates are included.
  • Online troubleshooting and customer care, 24/7.
  • Our mobile system is power and Internet-independent.
  • Installation can be completed within 30 minutes.
  • Hosting a match or sports event from a leased venue is affordable.
  • Stream every match, game or moment. Anytime.



One Camera to Unlimited Possibilities

From one camera to unlimited possibilities. Our software is built on a modular design to connect to one or many cameras, making coverage on the court or field easily customizable. So you can have a basketball team of five players with every position covered or a bird’s eye view just to take in all the action.


Club TV Channel

Own Your Own Club TV Channel

Stream the action. Your way. Everybody has a chance to be the owner of their own TV-Channel via WebTV, iOS, Android, AppleTV or Chromecast. Oppia apps and streaming solutions deliver the best viewing experience to fans and athletes. Meaning: Our media server solution sends and receives content anywhere. Nonstop. Real time. In crisp 4K and Full HD, letting you own the action in eight-million pixel clarity.


Club Portal

Let's All Meet at the Portal

Where every game pays. The Club Portal is the heart center where players, owners, recruiters, and fans are all connected. Sign in and you’ll gain access to all the digital equipment that build on your strengths to help you achieve success.

Here, members and players can manage recordings, request scouting data, track players’ development, and play back a move from the last game. Recruiters can also watch rookie and college player highlight reels when it’s time to scout for fresh talent.

Revenue streams into your budget easily, too. Through your own Club Channel, Oppia will help you monetize your team, club or gym with advertising that organically flows into your live stream.

Now let’s get to the stats. Oppia generates real-time stats for you to share on your social networks. Another top-rated point of the Club Portal is our Oppia Worldwide Library. This extensive library of historical moments, Olympic Gold wins, and against-all-odds victories will inspire more bumps, dunks, spikes and MVP nominations.


Live Chat

Live Social Interaction

#GameOn-Oppia. Rally up support from fans your way. Oppia social media plugins will help you kick off that Live Facebook Stream, launch a larger cheering section on Twitter, or send out content to Instagram and YouTube. Want a more engaging experience? Enhance content with score overlays, watermarks and real-time stats to make your live stream even more hashtag-worthy.


Live Track

Tracking Every Move

Winning stats. Coaches, fans and players want to track performance and development. However, every analysis is only as good as the data. With Oppia, you’ll always get high-end data and in-depth data analysis with easy-to-understand stats.

Need to create scouting reports or infographics to share on social networks? No probem.

Our data visualization tools create stats quickly and they’re simple enough for even Little Leaguers and young adults to track on Oppia Data Analytics. So when it comes down to the numbers, you’ll always be ahead.



Our MVP: A.I. Cameramen

Always keeping an eye on the Action. Zooming, panning, switching angles are all automated without missing a moment. Thanks to Oppia A.I., you’ll take in high quality live streams with zero labor cost and minimal production cost. Our A.I. even communicates with human cameramen so you can re-edit highlight reels to freshen up content.

  • No Cameramen
  • No Director
  • No Cables & Wires

Unlike expensive, hardware-driven solutions, Oppia software solutions run on industry standard hardware to further cut down costs, dramatically.