Advanced Sports Technology

With Oppia on your side, you’re set for every move. Whether it’s being in a league of your own or guiding your team to the playoffs, you can trust Oppia to help capture the excitement — all caught on vibrant 4K and Full HD.

Need real time footage? You got it. Strong and active social network? Check. Follow your favorite player? Yes. Want to improve player performance? Just hit replay. Looking for custom sports solutions that stay on budget? No other competitor can match our pricing. Period.

Our innovative software-based solution is designed to help athletes and avid, sport enthusiasts stay on top of their game, up performance levels, and increase support and fan-bases. (Even if the official cheering section are proud grandparents in a different time zone.)

Now that we’re warmed up, let’s see how Oppia can get you the most out of every game or gym membership.


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A Few of Our Clients

Our clients range from multi-sport gym owners to clubs that each use our services to add value to their programs. Listed here are a few of those clients.